Kind Words by Men

I was blown away by your anthology. I started with your Preface and couldn’t put it down and had to read all three chapters that you’ve published already. Each of the stories took me to the location and I stood in the shoes of the author as he related his stories.

I am an extensive reader mainly of fiction and science fiction. Not since my foray into John McPhee and his books have I felt such a strong connection to the authors and his subject. You have my heartfelt thanks for the work you are doing.

– Herb Frank

P.S. I can’t wait for the next one to be published.

The stories are great, and very enjoyable. It is a pleasure to read them as they pop up with such regularity on my computer screen. Congratulations on amassing so many interesting stories and sharing them so broadly. Many congratulations.

– Tom M., New York

I’m really enjoying these stories, powerful and important.

– Wilhelm Cortez, Executive Editor, Good Men Project

From: Steve Litt
To: Publisher’s Forum
CC: “Bill Amatneek, ed.”

Hi all,

Do you remember Bill Amatneek, who posted on this list until early 2015? He was doing this project where various men would each write a chapter, gleaned the man’s life, that showed what it was like to be a man. He put out a call for submissions for his work, on this list, 6/23/2014. He’s doing it. There’s even a place to read the latest two chapters:

This is pretty cool. You know, any fool can whip out a quick book. I’ve done it. But how many can keep a book project going for five years, retain focus on it, and bring it to fruition? He said he was going to do it, he worked it, and now he’s about to complete it.

I feel kind of cool for knowing him.

– Steve T

About “Bully Battle” by David. L Walker –
The bully in Dave’s story carries a punch that grabbed me immediately and put me on edge as the story went forward. I immediately felt empowered by Dave’s dad; how to protect myself, to aim for the nose, stuff a guy needs to know at that age. It describes a situation every man has to deal with.

– Dennis Cole

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