Kind Words by Women

“This anthology should be required reading not only for girls and women but for boys and men … especially the latter two groups who, as many of the stories tell us, rarely confide deeply with one another.

“Very moving, hopeful and mind-opening in this year of virtual 20/20 eye-opening on so many social issues.” – Peggy Seeger

“Thank you for posting these glimpses into men’s hearts.” – Betsy F., Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

“This anthology is needed now more than ever. I found [it] enlightening.” – Ama Bolton, poet

“How awesome is this! If this book can be judged by its cover, it will be glorious.” – Angela Lloyd, MFA & Storyteller

“It’s wonderful. What great writing. You’ve got a hit on your hands. It’s got it all. I laughed, I cried and was amazed at the honesty.” – Bonita Cole

About “Bully Battle” by David L Walker –
Wonderful, full-throated description of your situation. You made it possible for me to feel into your experience and your young man’s heart. I also appreciated your Dad’s heart, his fatherly support and assistance in helping you succeed. This kind of story offers teaching for everyone. Women, Men and Parents.
I loved it! Thank you.

About “Hog Killing” by Joe E Armstrong
A powerful story to take in – the telling of it simple and pure. Life as giving – and taking.” – Barbara Bash

About “April 3rd” by John Biesecker
What a beautiful and heart wrenching story. Thank you for this, and for the coming collection. It is a gift. – Marcy G., Philadelphia, PA.

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