What Men Want by Russ Allison Loar

When I see her
I hold myself a little tighter,
A little straighter,
Appearing more attractive,
Flexing all appropriate muscles,
Contracting all inappropriate flab,
Making myself desirable,
For she is my sweetheart heartthrob honeybunch sex machine
And I want her,
This girlish saint scamp athletic fashion model intellectual.

I want her.

I am enraptured by her thin boyish sharp-shoulder-bladed frame,
Her overexposed unashamed voluptuous fantastic flesh,
Her long short medium-length hair,
So glossy black chestnut brown honey blonde pumpkin red
Curling straight.

I am lost in her mysterious bold naive uninhibited forbidden
Eyes of swimming pool blue chocolate bar brown charcoal briquette black
London fog gray emerald chameleon green banana-tree hazel.

She walks toward me away not moving,
This short long-legged tall small woman girl,
So delicate and strong.

She sees me and smiles
And I am hers,
All over town.

Russ Allison Loar was a musician and songwriter for 12 years, returning to college and earning a degree in journalism. He spent the next 15 years as a newspaper reporter, followed by a stint teaching newswriting at Orange Coast College. He retired from journalism after writing for the Los Angeles Times during his last years. His poetry, prose and photography have been published by numerous websites and literary journals. He lives in Claremont, California.

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2 thoughts on “What Men Want by Russ Allison Loar”

  1. I love this! Because my first reaction (another trite ode to female body parts) was so quickly inverted. It’s a loving lusting affectionate tongue-in-cheek ode to ALL females of all body types and personalities. I like his initial description of standing taller, trying to appear thinner, more attractive, too, since of course that instinct crosses all genders and orientations.

    1. SO glad you like it, Kate, and for all the right reasons. And thanks for your insight that trying to appear attractive crosses all genders.

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