Call for Submissions

    If you are making a submission for the "Men & Work" section of Heart of a Man: Men's Stories, please attach it as a pdf, docx, pages or rtf file.
    Submissions by men of fiction, non-fiction, memoir, narrative essay, and narrative poetry are encouraged.

    Stories about men at work, men dealing with work, men dying at work, men dying from work, men loving work, men hating work, men having to do work, men wanting to do work, work that isn’t work, work that is very much work, and more, are welcome.

    The story should be male-unique, one that by and large could only have happened to a man, and that shows who men are.
    Published submissions will be paid $0.05/published word. Paperback publication is planned for 2022.

    On the first page of your attachment, your submission must have the Title, your full name, phone number, snail-mail address, and email address. Your submission and may be as many 8,500 words.
    First fill out your name, and email adddress, below.
    For Subject use "HoaM" followed by the submission's title and the author's name. For instance:
      Subject: HoaM - Working on the Docks by Joe Snoakes
    Please do not send your submission in the body of your message, and do not send a link to where it can be read, watched, or heard.
    And let me know where you heard about the call for submissions, please.

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